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Hello! My name is Laurie Weaver and I am a podcaster, writer and voice actor. This new podcast, Stories and Voice, will feature creative work and the stories of the creators behind that work.

This project began because I study voice acting with different coaches in Los Angeles and I hang out with many amazing writers and musicians. I kept hearing from my voice acting friends that they would love a place to show their VO chops and from my writing friends that they would be thrilled to hear their words dramatized by voice actors. Then I noticed my singer/songwriter friends all would love more places to showcase their music. Hmmm. Why not bring all of these creative people’s talents together in one show? And why stop at just the friends I have in person? Why not open up the show to all creative people with a story to tell?

If these ideas spark you, don’t wait to participate!

All experience ranges are welcome – from polished pro to newbies with a dream. It all starts with a dream and an idea! So if you have a creative voice, welcome and I can’t wait hear what you come up with.

-Laurie Weaver

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