Submitting Creative Work



  1. Read the Rules of Submission
  2. Create your audition or pitch project
  3. Fill out the corresponding form

Rules of Submission

Note: All submissions need to be one of the following to be considered for publication and inclusion in the podcast:

  • Your original work
  • From the public domain
  • Based on the work posted to this site as audition material

All audio file types are accepted. Files greater than 10mb need to be shared via link from a file sharing service such as dropbox or Submitting your audio file grants permission for Laurie Weaver, or her agents, to edit, add SFX and/or other enhancements for inclusion in the blog and show. Audio files less than 10mb can be sent as attachments to (replacing the AT with @)

Written work:
Please submit your original work either as text files or Word files (.docx) as attachments to (replacing the AT with @). Submitting a written file grants Laurie Weaver, or her agents, permission to post your written work and for it to be recorded for inclusion in the blog and show. You also give permission for music tracks and/or SFX sounds to be included and for edits to be made as needed. (2500 word maximum)

It’s optional, but I’d love to interview you for the show if your creative work is being showcased. Typically by Skype, but I can also record you by phone. Indicate your preference in the submission form.

What material should be submitted?


Only original work is considered. Short stories, poems, and excerpts from screenplays, novels, memoirs, blog posts, articles or plays are all welcome. (800-1200 words is the best target, with a 2500 word maximum).

Send your original work as a text or .docx email attachment to (replacing the AT with @) and fill out the Writers Submission form.

In the form, indicate if you wish to perform and record your own work or if you wish it to be posted as an audition for voice actors.

Voice Actors:

You have two ways to share your voice on the show.

  1. send in an audition read of a posted story and complete the audition form.
  2. Or

  3. pitch your own project by reading your own original material,  or performing a piece that you found from the public domain. (2500 word maximum).

To pitch your own project, fill out the Audio Pitch and Song Submission Form

Singers, Songwriters and Musicians:

Only original work or songs in the public domain are accepted.

Fill out the Audio Pitch and Song Submission Form

Submission Forms