Ep 0001 Welcome to Our New Variety Show!

Alex Willging’s Flash Fiction, ‘Find your Fairy in Aisle 27’ voiced by the multi-talented Greg Sais, who also wrote an original soundtrack for the story. Our featured song, ‘On Fire – Remix’, comes from indie rocker, and actor, Jörg Kohring of Orbit Monkey. Alex, Greg, Jörg and I discuss creativity, inspiration, and our ideas for others who’d like to sing, write or act with their voices.


Host: Laurie Weaver
Announcer: Mark Weaver
Podcast and Web Art: Arliss Gammill
Stories and Voice Theme Song written and sung by: Fionna Lane
Find Your Fairy in Aisle 27 written by: Alex Willging
Find Your Fairy in Aisle 27 voiced by: Greg Sais
Find Your Fairy in Aisle 27 music written by: Greg Sais

1 – Long Winter Road
2 – M3 World
3 – Viking Lake
4 – M3 Town
5 – Dance of the Seven Ghosts
6 – Regal Ceremony

Find Your Fairy in Aisle 27 SFX and editing by: Greg Sais
On Fire Remix by Jörg Kohring of Orbit Monkey

Listen to and read the featured story as a stand-alone.

Find Your Fairy in Aisle 27



Orbit Monkey performs On Fire Remix – video on YouTube

Orbit Monkey Web Site – learn more about the band and buy some tunes!


Alex Willging’s blog, Mr. Rhapsodist
Alex’s book on Amazon.com Digital Eyes, Family Ties
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The writing group Mark, Alex and I attend is Write it Up Burbank!

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